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Archive for July 2020

Legislative Wrap-up

As the 2020 legislative session winds to a close, it’s important to take stock. COVID-19 has dramatically altered everyday life for Mississippians, and the legislature was not immune from its effects.  The virus shifted lawmakers’ focus away from regular business, presented new opportunities and new challenges. At Empower Mississippi, we doubled down on our mission to create…

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Governor Vetoes Criminal Justice Reforms

Late last night, Governor Tate Reeves vetoed SB 2123 and HB 658.  The bills, which had passed the Legislature with bipartisan support and a wide array of conservative advocacy groups’ endorsements, sought to address Mississippi’s growing prison crisis and to provide a meaningful tool to help former inmates find work upon release. Empower Mississippi President Grant…

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Legislature Makes Strides to Safely Address Prison System Dilemma

On Tuesday, Mississippi lawmakers took an important step to address prison overcrowding in a system that has been plagued by violence, poor conditions, and federal lawsuits against the state.  SB 2123 aims to restore the original intent of HB 585, a landmark sentencing and parole reform bill that served as inspiration for President Trump’s national…

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