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Archive for April 2018

Operators begin charter school application process

The process of receiving approval to open a charter school has begun. Sixteen different operators have filed letters of intent to open charter schools in Mississippi. In January, the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board opened the 2018 request for proposal process for those wishing to open a school in 2019 or later. Most applicants are…

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NAEP scores tell us something, but not everything

The 2017 results for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, better known as NAEP, were published yesterday, and Mississippi has been one of the few states touted as a “winner” in this round of testing. While there is reason to celebrate, this narrative needs some rounding out. NAEP score gains are preferable to losses, but…

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Delta Choices: Parents Ask, A School Answers

Yashica Davenport knew her son needed more attention at school. So as he entered 5th grade, she made the decision to enroll him at Tender Ages Christian Academy in Greenville. It’s a private school that operates a little differently than the schooling model most of us are used to. Tender Ages began as a preschool…

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