Fast Facts

Mississippi has the fifth-lowest labor force participation rate in the country.

Over 60 occupations require a license to work, and many of those exclude people with criminal convictions.

Mississippi has lost 13,000 jobs because of occupational licensing and the state has suffered an economic value loss of $37 million

Mississippi is the most regulated state in the Southeast, and has the lowest GDP Per Capita. 

If the United States had imposed a cap on regulations in 1980, the economy would be $4 trillion larger, or about $13,000 per person

All work is noble

For Mississippi to rise as a state, we must empower our greatest resource: Our People.

The accumulated body of regulation in Mississippi makes it hard for many of our people to find work, start a business, or grow a business.

Rightsizing regulation alone is not enough. We must actively strive to remove disincentives to work and to create an atmosphere conducive to growth with fair economic and tax policy.