At Empower, we see every Mississippian as a contributor to society, deserving of the opportunity to earn success & find fulfillment in their work.


If successful in our mission, there will be better jobs with better pay and more Mississippians entering the workforce.

Work Matters.

All work is noble. Work helps us to take care of ourselves and our families. It provides a path to help others improve their lives. It can be a source of accomplishment and personal fulfillment. Almost all people are capable of making meaningful contributions through work.  Unfortunately, Mississippi has long treated much of its population as dependents instead of contributors, creating cycles of intergenerational poverty.

Remove Barriers to Employment.

While education plays a pivotal role in preparing people for work, there are a wide range of policy hurdles that impact a person’s ability to find a job or start a business. Some of those hurdles come in the form of regulations and red tape that make it particularly hard for entry-level workers and disadvantaged populations. Yet other hurdles are created by government programs that can have the impact of discouraging work.

Expand Economic Opportunity.

It’s not as simple as removing barriers. Mississippi must also proactively work to expand economic opportunity if we want to become the most job friendly state in the nation. To create an atmosphere for growth involves looking at broader questions, such as how tax structures impact opportunity.

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