The rule of law is essential to our system of justice. Laws must be clear, fair, and applied equally.

Criminal laws must be designed and executed to protect public safety, guarantee that every suspected offender is afforded due process, and ensure that any punishment dispensed by the state fits the crime. And when no danger is posed to the community, that there is a path to rehabilitation, restoration, and redemption.

Teddy McRaney Advocate

Empower Mississippi is fighting the good fight for those who have been incarcerated to have more opportunities to gain employment so they can take care of their families and be contributors to society.

Steven Brackett Advocate

There are those that hope you change and there are those that help you change. Empower “stands in the gap” between Law makers and convicted felons who want to go straight. They have a sensible approach that protects the community but gives convicted Felons a real shot at a better life.