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What Is An ESA?

K-12 education savings accounts, frequently referred to as “ESAs,” are taxpayer-funded accounts that are used for educational expenses, as directed by a student’s parents.

How Do ESA's Work?

The state deposits a predetermined amount of funding (less than or equal to what the state would have spent on that child’s education in a public school) into an account that allows parents to direct how those education dollars are spent.

There is a significant body of research that shows that private school choice programs, like ESAs, improve educational outcomes.

An analysis of private school choice programs conducted by EdChoice noted that 5 studies found positive effects on educational attainment while no studies found negative effects.

The Win-Win Solution analysis conducted by EdChoice found that 31 of 33 empirical studies of how ESA programs affect academic outcomes in public schools found that these programs improved academic outcomes at public schools.

A more recent analysis notes that several systemic reviews have synthesized the competitive-effects literature for private school choice programs. All of these reviews acknowledge that these programs tend to induce public schools to improve.  

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All children are unique, full of potential, and deserving of a quality education that best meets their individual needs. Policies that promote education freedom empower parents to choose the best educational opportunity for their child

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