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Archive for January 2020

Rankin County Sheriff: Helping Inmates Find Success

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey has adopted a new approach when it comes to corrections in his jail.  For many years Bailey, a narcotics agent, was on the streets arresting offenders. “My mindset was lock ‘em up. Once I put them in jail, I didn’t care about them again until the trial came.  My mentality was…

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2020 School Choice Celebration Transcript

NOTE: These are the remarks given by Grant Callen at the National School Choice Celebration held at the Mississippi State Capitol on January 28, 2020.   Thank you, what an exciting day to be at your state capitol. So why are we here? What’s the point of these yellow scarves? We’re here to celebrate school…

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Governor Tate Reeves on Prison Reform

On Monday afternoon, newly inaugurated Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves delivered his State of the State address on the south side of the State Capitol. Governor Reeves laid out a number of policy priorities in his address including improving the state’s education system, protecting foster children, and developing the state’s workforce. But he devoted a significant…

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Solutions for Mississippi’s prison crisis

Mississippi’s prisons are in crisis. The state has a moral and constitutional obligation to protect those in its custody and provide a safe working environment for correctional officers. Right now, that’s not happening. While increasing funding for Corrections would help alleviate some of these issues, the state must focus on reducing its overly large prison…

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