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Archive for March 2019

Legislature Creates Additional ESA Scholarships

March 29, 2019 Approximately 300 New Seats Added to the Program Today, the state legislature acted on its 2015 promise to offer Education Scholarship Accounts (ESA) to more children with special needs. Funding for the program, which has received a $3 million appropriation for the past four school years, was increased to $5 million, which…

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Legislature Passes Criminal Justice Reform Act of 2019

Today the Mississippi Legislature passed HB 1352, the Criminal Justice Reform Act of 2019, sending the bill to Governor Bryant for his signature. Authored by Rep. Jason White, HB 1352 will remove barriers to employment for people leaving Mississippi’s criminal justice system. It expands drug courts in Mississippi, allows for more individuals to apply for expungements,…

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Program Aims to Equip Those Incarcerated Upon Release

Broken is a series that highlights broken pieces of our criminal justice system, how they impact people, and how we can fix it. March 25, 2019 by Joanna Holbert “Getting out.” That’s the focus of nearly all of those who enter Mississippi’s criminal justice system. But, sadly, for a number of those who do get out, it’s only…

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The Byrds: The System Is Not Working for Our Daughter

“Being born with a disability should not mean you have to pay more for basic education.” That’s how Jennifer and Anthony Byrd of Seminary feel when it comes their daughter Leah’s education. Leah was diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder, speech-language issues, and epilepsy. Leah had her first seizure the day before she was set…

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Senate Passes Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Today the Mississippi Senate passed HB 1352, the Criminal Justice Reform Act. The bill includes provisions that will expand drug courts in Mississippi and reduce barriers to employment for people leaving the state’s prison system. Sponsored by Representative Jason White, the bill allows for more people with nonviolent offenses to apply for a one-time expungement…

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Students Benefit from ESA Program

Families of children with special needs know all too well the stresses of meeting the daily needs of their children. From medical and social needs to physical and emotional needs, the responsibilities can be overwhelming at times. For families who have received one of the state’s coveted Special Needs Education Scholarship Accounts, the weight of…

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