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What is a Special Needs Education Scholarship Account?

The Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs Program is an education savings account program that empowers Mississippi students with special needs to access a portion of their public funding through a government-authorized savings account, offering flexibility for various educational purposes.

It was passed and enacted in 2015.

How Do Special Needs ESA's Work?

The specified amount is typically derived from the base student cost within the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP), reflecting the funding provided by the state to public schools.

Funds from the Education Savings Account can be utilized for eligible expenses such as tuition and fees at private schools, textbooks, tutoring, testing fees, licensed therapy services, dual-enrollment courses, consumable school supplies, and necessary computer hardware and software.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

Students must have had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) within the last three years. While engaged in this initiative, students are ineligible for both Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship and Nate Rogers Scholarship. Those who participate are granted automatic approval for the subsequent year. Once enrolled, parents need not reapply for funding as long as their students continue to be outside the public school system.



Income Limit: None

Requirement for Prior Year Public School Attendance: Yes, with exceptions 

Geographic Limit: Statewide

Enrollment Cap: 3,000

Budget Cap: $3 million

Account Amount: $6,779 (2022–23) 

Testing Mandates: None

Allison Talley ESA parent (Ridgeland MS)

We knew JoEllen did not need to be in one of the very large special education classrooms at the public school, and the ESA allowed us to find a better fit for her. We chose a private school and she is thriving because of that choice.

Donna and Jon McCool ESA parents (Flowood, MS)

The ESA has given us so much for Kensley’s future. Our child has been able to get the education she needs and is now able to pursue her dreams.