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Archive for February 2019

Senate Votes to Extend ESA Program Until 2024

Today, the Senate passed Senate Bill 2675 to extend the Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program until 2024. An amendment to allow unused ESA funds to be transferred to a student’s home school district if he or she re-enrolls in public school passed as well. The measure will now move to the House for consideration. The…

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ESA Bills Die in Committee

Yesterday, several bills to expand or improve the Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program died when they were not passed by the committee deadline. One bill, however, remains alive: Senate Bill 2675. The bill extends the life of the ESA program until 2024. The program is currently set to expire next year. Other bills would not…

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Legislature Moves to Advance Criminal Justice Reform in Mississippi

This week, the Mississippi legislature advanced legislation that will safely reduce incarceration and help more people who are leaving our criminal justice system find meaningful work.   The Mississippi Senate Judiciary A Committee approved SB 2791, the Reentry and Empoyability Act, sponsored by Senator Juan Barnett. This bill implements evidence-based solutions that safely reduce incarceration and eliminate hurdles…

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