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Archive for May 2018

Empower Mississippi Announces New Initiative on Employability and Criminal Justice Reform

Empower Mississippi announced today that the organization is launching a new initiative focused on increasing employability by reforming the state’s criminal justice system. Empower Mississippi is an independent, nonprofit advocacy organization made up of thousands of supporters across the state. We are dedicated to changing laws that limit opportunity so Mississippians can flourish. “We are…

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Why Criminal Justice?

At Empower Mississippi, we’re dedicated to creating opportunity in our state so that people can flourish. One very important piece of living a successful life is having a job. Right now, Mississippi’s workforce has a problem. We have nearly 40,000 unfilled jobs, as well as a record number of people who are not working. How…

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New poll: Americans continue to support school choice

A new survey shows that almost two-thirds of Americans support school choice despite a constant onslaught of attacks from the media, teachers unions, and similar organizations. In a new survey, which was commissioned by American Federation for Children and conducted by Beck Research, 63 percent support “giving parents the right to use tax dollars designated…

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Win for parental freedom in California

It’s a headline most didn’t see coming: Homeschool families beat back an intrusive proposal in California of all places. California’s Assembly Bill 2756 would have mandated fire inspections at the homes of all homeschooling families. Naturally, firefighters voiced their objection and that was dropped. The proposal was then amended to force homeschooling families to give…

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