Fast Facts

Mississippi has the fifth-lowest labor force participation rate in the country.

We have the second highest incarceration rate in the world. We put more people in prison than almost any other state or industrialized nation.

Nearly 2/3 of people who leave prison wind up re-arrested after release.

Mississippi places over 800 legal restrictions on people who have been incarcerated and many of those make it hard to find work.

Over 60 occupations require a license to work, and many of those exclude people with criminal convictions.

We Believe Everyone Should Have the Opportunity to Improve Their Lives

Everyone agrees that there must be accountability for people who break the law. By supporting evidence-based alternatives to incarceration, we can provide better outcomes for people. Removing barriers to work will decrease the chances that people will return to crime and prison.

Our Wins



Parole eligibility expands for people incarcerated for nonviolent offenses.



Intervention courts expand to better address addiction and mental health issues.



People with convictions are now able to keep their driver’s licenses to travel to work.



Opportunities expand for people to clean up their records and remove old, nonviolent convictions.

Teddy McRaney Advocate

Empower Mississippi is fighting the good fight for those who have been incarcerated to have more opportunities to gain employment so they can take care of their families and be contributors to society.

Steven Brackett Advocate

There are those that hope you change and there are those that help you change. Empower “stands in the gap” between Law makers and convicted felons who want to go straight. They have a sensible approach that protects the community but gives convicted Felons a real shot at a better life.