At Empower, we believe every child is unique, full of potential and deserving of a quality education that works for them.


Mississippi’s children are instilled with the desire to be lifelong learners, prepared to face the world.

Reignite a passion for education.

Our children are more than a test. Education is more than a building. The purpose of education is to prepare a child for success in life. We all know this, but too often it gets forgotten. Every public policy decision about education should be judged through the prism of whether it will lead to more students being prepared for life.

Drive Innovation by Trusting Educators.

Teachers know their students better than anyone in the State Capitol or Washington, D.C. Yet too often their hands are tied by top-down controls that prevent them from meeting the needs of their students. We need give teachers support and freedom to innovate in the classroom, disrupt the status quo and change lives.

Give Families More Options.

Every child is different. Every child learns differently. To succeed in preparing kids for life, families deserve options. Choice for every family allows them to find the right fit for their child.