Fast Facts

In the past decade per pupil spending has risen by 13%, yet Mississippi continues to lag behind other states academically.

Less than half of students show proficiency on state exams, and students from low-income families trail behind significantly.

One in four students attend school in a failing district – over 80% of these students are African American.

Over half of high school graduates who enroll in state postsecondary institutions need remediation, and nearly as many fail to graduate on time.

Every Parent Should be Free to Find the Best Education for Their Child

School choice creates a more attractive environment for educators, entrepreneurs, and employers, as well as a brighter future for every citizen in our great state.

Leah Ferretti parent (Cleveland, MS)

Empower has truly given our family a voice simply by empowering us as parents to stand for our children and to ensure that they are receiving their civil right to an education that’s appropriate to their specific needs.

Stacy Ware parent (Florence, MS)

Empower helped make our voices heard so that our kids received an adequate education that fits their exceptional needs.

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves

Empower Mississippi is a valuable partner in shaping an educational system that offers opportunities to every child. I share their commitment to empowering every parent with the freedom to choose the best school for their children.

Governor Phil Bryant

Giving parents options ensures they have every opportunity available to them to give their child the best education possible. That’s why establishing and expanding education choice has been a priority for my administration, and I appreciate Empower Mississippi’s help in making this revolutionary transformation to Mississippi’s education system possible.

Shannon Gaddis parent (Jackson, MS)

My family and I are grateful to Empower Mississippi for their hard work and dedication to help children with learning disabilities and advocating for those who need school choice. Because of you, Empower Mississippi, my son now has a promising future. We will forever support Empower Mississippi.

Cena Holifield Founder of The 3-D School

Empower Mississippi has proven to be an advocate for our children with learning disabilities by working tirelessly to ensure that parents have educational choices that best meet the needs of their children.