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Archive for March 2020

Why Isn’t Open Enrollment More Open in Mississippi?

While the Coronavirus is a major concern for people around the state just now, it’s not the only one. A video of the school board meeting in the Alcorn School District last week records one parent saying, “Our whole nation is hurting right now . . . don’t give these parents over here more stuff…

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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Could Worsen Mississippi’s Prison Crisis 

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic could dramatically exacerbate Mississippi’s prison crisis. State and local leaders can act now to implement policy solutions that reduce these negative impacts on our state’s criminal justice system.   As the world responds to the Coronavirus pandemic, policymakers around the globe are focused on implementing measures to slow the spread of the…

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Expanded Virtual Learning Has Always Been Needed In Mississippi

With the closure of Mississippi public schools through April 17 and private schools following suit, most if not all students in the state are experiencing schooling at home, perhaps for the first time, and many schools suddenly find themselves facing the unknown – a month or more of attempting to provide a full-time distance education.…

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