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Archive for October 2019

How This Law is Giving More Mississippians a Fresh Start

This year, the Mississippi legislature passed Senate Bill 2781, called the Fresh Start Act. The intent of the Fresh Start Act is to expand work opportunities for people who were formerly incarcerated. Even after their sentence is completed, many people face barriers to work when they re-enter the community. In Mississippi, dozens of different occupations…

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School Choice By the Numbers

Over 4,500 students this year have what’s known as school choice or the ability to use the tax dollars allocated for their education in a setting they and their families have chosen. PRIVATE SCHOOL CHOICE IN MISSISSIPPI A significant addition to school choice enrollment this year was nearly 300 new Education Scholarship Accounts (ESA). After…

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Mississippi’s Crime Rate is Down

Crime in Mississippi is down. In their annual report released this week, the FBI noted that the crime rate across the country continued in a multi-year decline, and Mississippi was no exception. The report shows that in Mississippi from 2017 to 2018, rates of violent crime decreased by 8%, while property crime decreased 13%. The…

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