Momentum is rising to repeal Mississippi’s income tax. Governor Reeves has called the elimination of the income tax a top priority and the Mississippi House of Representatives has already passed a bill, HB 531, that would deliver immediate tax relief while phasing out the state income tax entirely.

Mississippi leaders have a unique opportunity to put real money back into the pocket of working people by eliminating the state’s income tax, allowing our citizens to keep what they earn and invest in their families, their businesses and our communities.

Now is the time for bold action that sets Mississippi on a path to success for generations to come and to send a signal to our people and the world that Mississippi is open to business.

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How would income tax repeal work?

A move this bold isn't easy. We break down how the House proposal to eliminate the income tax would work.

Leading conservative and business groups call for income tax elimination

This includes Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi, Mississippi Center for Public Policy, the National Federation of Independent Business, Bigger Pie Forum, Americans for Tax Reform, The American Conservative Union, National Taxpayers Union, and Taxpayers Protection Alliance.