Dyslexia Scholarship Headed To Conference


Last week the Senate adopted an expansion to the Dyslexia Scholarship program.

HB 1046, as passed the Senate, makes a number of important changes to the Dyslexia Scholarship program. This includes:

  • The scholarships will be expanded to students through 12th grade. The program is currently only available through 6th grade. This will serve students who did not receive the appropriate dyslexia services when they were younger.
  • Accredited private schools will be allowed to accept the scholarships, provided they meet all the standards, including employing Mississippi licensed dyslexia therapists. The program currently requires schools to be accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education, which significantly limits the number of schools who can participate.
  • Students living in border counties will be allowed to use the scholarship in another state, if appropriate educational services are not available within thirty miles of the student’s home.

However, the Senate placed a “reverse repealer” in the legislation. This mandated the House choose to invite conference, which they did earlier today. The legislation that passed the House only expanded the program through 12th grade.

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Each chamber will now have three members negotiate a conference report, which is the final legislation both chambers will again vote on and must approve before the bill heads to the Governor.

The final bill will be voted on at the end of March during the last few days of the session. The deadline for conference reports to be filed is Monday, March 27. Additional calendar dates of note.

  • March 29 is the deadline for first consideration of conference reports on general bills and constitutional amendments.
  • March 30 is the deadline for filing conference reports on general bills and constitutional amendments that had been recommitted for further conference.
  • March 31 is the deadline for adoption of conference reports on general bills and constitutional amendments after recommittal.

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