Broken systems and bad laws make it difficult for many Mississippians to get a quality education and find meaningful work.


Every child is unique, full of potential and deserving of a quality education that meets their individual needs.


Every Mississippian should have the opportunity to find meaningful work.


A fair and equitable justice system that provides a pathway to redemption is foundational.

Everyone should have the opportunity to make choices that improve their lives.

We need better policies that make brighter futures possible. We help people advocate for policy change so Mississippians can flourish.

We advocate for change by:

  1. Promoting public policy solutions
  2. Providing empirical research on key issues
  3. Sharing the stories of Mississippians
  4. Educating and engaging citizens
  5. Supporting candidates in elections

Why Empower Mississippi?

We are a team of Mississippians who advocate for policy change. We have a track record of success changing laws that were barriers to opportunity and have helped elect candidates who share our mission through Empower PAC. We care deeply about our state and have built a network of over 25,000 people who have partnered with us for change.

Members of the Empower Network
Barriers removed in our state

Teddy McRaney Advocate

Empower Mississippi is fighting the good fight for those who have been incarcerated to have more opportunities to gain employment so they can take care of their families and be contributors to society.

Leah Ferretti parent (Cleveland, MS)

Empower has truly given our family a voice simply by empowering us as parents to stand for our children and to ensure that they are receiving their civil right to an education that’s appropriate to their specific needs.

Steven Brackett Advocate

There are those that hope you change and there are those that help you change. Empower “stands in the gap” between Law makers and convicted felons who want to go straight. They have a sensible approach that protects the community but gives convicted Felons a real shot at a better life.

Stacy Ware parent (Florence, MS)

Empower helped make our voices heard so that our kids received an adequate education that fits their exceptional needs.

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves

Empower Mississippi is a valuable partner in shaping an educational system that offers opportunities to every child. I share their commitment to empowering every parent with the freedom to choose the best school for their children.

Governor Phil Bryant

Giving parents options ensures they have every opportunity available to them to give their child the best education possible. That’s why establishing and expanding education choice has been a priority for my administration, and I appreciate Empower Mississippi’s help in making this revolutionary transformation to Mississippi’s education system possible.

Shannon Gaddis parent (Jackson, MS)

My family and I are grateful to Empower Mississippi for their hard work and dedication to help children with learning disabilities and advocating for those who need school choice. Because of you, Empower Mississippi, my son now has a promising future. We will forever support Empower Mississippi.

Cena Holifield Founder of The 3-D School

Empower Mississippi has proven to be an advocate for our children with learning disabilities by working tirelessly to ensure that parents have educational choices that best meet the needs of their children.

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