SB 2597: Require MDOC to develop data collection and reporting system


Senate Bill 2597, sponsored by Sen. Juan Barnett, would require the Department of Corrections to procure a data collection and reporting system that allows the department to collect and make public detailed information.  

Under this proposal, MDOC would be required to gather and maintain various information, including detailed inmate profiles, offense specifics, probation or parole supervision data, and statistics related to prison operations.  

It requires the department to record extensive details such as inmate demographics, offense descriptions, court-imposed penalties, incarceration history, disciplinary actions, and rehabilitation progress. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of transparency by obligating the department to publish aggregated data regularly on its website in a user-friendly format. 

There would also be reporting requirements for MDOC, which includes providing semiannual reports to the Oversight Task Force and responding to requests from the PEER Committee.  

Overall, this bill aims to enhance accountability, improve decision-making processes, and provide valuable insights into the corrections system in Mississippi. It underscores the importance of data-driven approaches in managing the justice system and emphasizes the need for accessibility and transparency in sharing information with the public. 

Empower Mississippi supports this legislation. 

SB 2597 has been referred to the Senate Corrections Committee. You can read the bill here.