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Students with special needs could lose their Education Scholarship Accounts in 2020.

Ensure state legislators take action to preserve the ESA program.

What Is an ESA?

ESAs are flexible spending accounts that parents can use to access state tax dollars allocated for their child's education. These dollars can be spent on private tuition, therapy, tutoring, and other qualified expenses.

Who’s Eligible?

Mississippi’s program focuses on students with special needs, specifically those who have been in a public educational setting and have received an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in the past 5 years.

Mississippi was the 3rd state in the nation to create an ESA program, and is still one of only 6 states with this innovative option for families.

2015 The ESA passes for students with IEPs

2016 The ESA expands to students with an IEP in the past 5 years

2019 #Waitlisted campaign creates 300 new ESAs

2020 The ESA is set to expire unless state legislators take action to preserve the program

The ESA Impact



ESA Parents’ educational satisfaction increased from 24%.



ESA parents report that their children are happy in a setting that better fits their needs.



ESA parents indicate that their children show progress regarding special needs goals.

ESA students attend schools in 35 Mississippi counties, online, and in TN.

ESA map 2017-2018

“My family and I are grateful to Empower Mississippi for their hard work and dedication to help children with learning disabilities and advocating for those who need school choice. Because of you, Empower Mississippi, my son now has a promising future.”

Shannon Gaddis, ESA parent

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