MS Supreme Court rules in favor of public charter school funding


Today, the Mississippi Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of charter school funding, finally putting to rest an effort since 2016 to cripple funding for charter schools.

“This is a great day for families around the state who want educational opportunity. This lawsuit has been a dark cloud over a growing charter sector where students are thriving and families are excited to have an educational option that works for their child. Today, the court made a decision that will prevent these schools from having to shut down and gives a boost of encouragement to those looking to start charter schools,” said Grant Callen, President of Empower Mississippi.

Since 2016, charter school enrollment has ballooned to thousands of students with six charter schools operating and two more approved to open. The charter authorizer board will announce 2019 approvals next week. All existing schools boast wait lists and many are adding new grades this year.  See here an explanation of the lawsuit.