Fix the broken pieces of Mississippi’s criminal justice system.

What's Broken?

Mississippi has the third-highest incarceration rate in the country. Our prisons are dangerously understaffed. People often leave prison no better than when they went in, struggle to find work, and end up re-arrested.

Why Care?

By safely reducing our prison population, prioritizing solutions that reduce crime, and removing barriers to work, we can fix the broken parts of our justice system to create safer communities for everyone.

Taxpayers spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to fund this overly large prison system.

For non-violent drug offenses, diversion programs are proven to reduce recidivism better than prison.

95% of the people currently incarcerated will be released at some point.

Over half of people released from prison this year will end up re-arrested.

One in four working-age Mississippians are not working.

End the Broken Cycle

Instead of continuing this cycle by imposing extremely long prison sentences on low-level offenses, Mississippi should safely reduce our prison population.


Eliminate Sentencing Enhancements

Mandatory minimum sentencing laws impose decades-long sentences on minor, non-violent offenses.


Fund More Diversion Programs

Diverson is a smarter approach that treats the underlying issues of addiction and mental health that often go unaddressed in prison.


Remove Barriers to Work

Prioritize corrections spending on programs that are proven to help people enter the workforce and remove legal barriers to work.

"Empower Mississippi is fighting the good fight for those who have been incarcerated to have more opportunities to gain employment so they can take care of their families and be contributors to society."

Steven Brackett, Advocate

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